Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Growth Boom Day - 30


It has been a while since i wrote my last update , the things have been really busy these days but i wanted to  give an update with my Growth Boom Max-Plus kit  especially for people contacted me through email. I get similar questions so it is best to answer here for everyone.   It has been exactly 30 days since i have started to take Growth Boom Pro Max plus kit.  
Today i am excited to share my result because i  have fully 3 cm grown in the first month of using the product.  I have just got my height measured at pharmacy today and i knew i  am little bit taller than last i got my height measured because people already  tell me  i look taller than before and yet i have not shared my secret with all close friends. I just want to see  the confusion in their eyes more.  I am now 1.73 cm  i hope this is a permanent result .  

When i wake up in the morning i feel some funny pain in my joints these days  it is i think growing pain. It does not hurt but just  first 10 - 30 minutes after i woke up it feels  like someone pressing fingers on my joints.  Not every day but 2-3 days a week after wake up.    

I got thirsty and hungry so often  in this 30 days but i don't put on weight  maybe because i do exercise and i play football.   Btw my broken Growth Boom Pro capsule  has been received. I paid additional 500$ usd for the bottle that was fell apart on the street by cars.   

There is this product called bone builder.   i realized that after taking this product i feel much more energy in my body . In football matches people think i use dope  because i never get tired.  

The product works good so far and i am happy with the results.   I have tried several products in the past but did not work for me. I was quite hesitant to take this because its price is pretty high and i was disappointed with  the other products.  This was my last hope but again 3 cm is not enough for me i just hope to gain more height , i dont know if this will ever work more. I got fast results but hopefully it will not stop growing fast either.   I heard most people get results with Growth Boom Pro in the 5th and 6th months.

For now i will just keep taking it and will update my results here
* i am sorry if i cannot reply your questions earlier because i have been in a busy schedule these days.


  1. Hey may I please talk to you over email?!

  2. Hey , thank you for your comment. I receive many questions and really no much time these days. I'll be pleased if you ask questions as comment like this so i can reply when i have time to write next article on the product. I will give another update on my results soon.

  3. Just wanted to ask if you will post before and after photos. A lot of people say they grow taller and show their final height but they never show their starting height. I hope you're not lying to us. If so, this is a very expensive scam. Please don't deceive us, it's not worth it :(

    1. Hello ,
      i understand how it feels because i was very doubtful before i have purchased this product. It has very high price and risky. I have been scammed many times in the past. I took gloxi , ayurveda , growtaller4idiots, growthfactor and many more. Just name it. I can't believe actually a product works after puberty. Yes i will post a before and after photo when i complete the 8 months.