Thursday, October 17, 2019

Pros and cons of being tall from my experience...

Hi Everybody,

I want to keep posting my blog because i get many emails everyday. If i can help and touch people's heart i will be pleased. With this article,  I want to evaluate the Pros and Cons of being tall from my experience.

I have realized that i used to run faster when i was shorter. When i was shorter i was Much more coordinate and sometimes athletic that could slip through football players in the matches. Maybe in time i will get used to it, however  i am more successful in the matches.  I am 4 kg weigh more now, which makes me feel little fat. Shirts are usually too short for me and the sleeves aren't long enough. Sometimes i wish that i had stopped taking Growth Boom when i reached 185cm.  I feel too tall sometimes.

It seems to me that i get more respect and i am looked up to. I can reach a lot of things that are up high like shelves but i will have to bend down to talk to some people shorter.  I don't want to talk about girls part since i am already engaged :) but for singles i think it is more advantageous to be taller... My fiancee says that i look much better being taller . I feel more confidence anywhere while i am walking, doing sports, interviews . I feel stronger.

There may be a question raised in the minds that if could turn the time back, would i choose to be shorter or this tall,  my answer is being taller feels wonderful.

I will keep posting according to your questions.

Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Thank you for your e-mails.

I have got a lot of emails for the free bottles of GBP Capsules.   I drew lots and i have already shipped it to the winner.

Thank you.

Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Greetings from Canada I am finally 1.89cm i have stopped taking Growth Boom Pro.

Hi everybody,

Thank you for your emails and questions. I have not been here for 2 months because i have come  to Canada for a relative visit. It is a wonderful country. 
I have tried to reply as many as emails possible.   I am happy to say that i have reached over my dream height.  I am exactly 1 meter 89cm   approx 6ft2inc.   I have grown 19cm in total  I have left 2 unused Growth Boom Pro capsules. I am willing to send it to  one of my followers free.  Please email me if you want  2 bottles unopened G.B.P. capsules.  I will draw lots amongst people who send me emails for the capsules.

Here are some questions i usually get :
Wonderful country

1. Do you follow an exercise program or follow a diet ?

Answer :

I basically did stretching:

Standing Hamstring Stretch
Piriformis Stretch
Lunge With Spinal Twist
Triceps Stretch
Figure Four Stretch  and so on..

I did not follow a special diet but i usually eat foods which rich in protein such as meat and meat products, milk and dairy products.

2. How much did you grow ?

Answer :  I went from 170cm to 189cm

3.  What else do you recommend ?

Answer :  I have tried to drink 2-3 liters of water and sleep at least 9 hrs of deep sleep a day.  I purchased a product to relieve stress actually these are what recommended by the company.

Thanks for being with me in this journey.  I am going to get married in a few months and  possibly will be online less.  You can still email me if you have questions.

Thank you.

Sunday, August 4, 2019

I am still growing taller

i will update you soon.

I got many messages asking my email

My personal email :


Friday, July 5, 2019

151 Day with Growth Boom Pro Maxplus Kit ( 5 months )

Hello Everyone,

Thank you for your comments and messages.  I could not reply each of you sooner because of  the engagement but i have come with another good news.  I am very close to my dream height of 187cm
Growth Boom  works great for me and the company customer service has helped me all the way.

It is my right to have some holiday because it was really busy June. It is worth  the trouble when you have results.   I have been taking Growth Boom Maxplus kit for 5 months. First time a product truly works for me. I am now 1.85cm  ( 6ft)  i have grown 15cm taller during this 5 months. I went from 170cm (5'6) to 185cm .  I need only 2 cm more. I am very happy with my result  only  thing i need to shop clothes very often since my height increased this fast.

* I had to buy some new clothes because the old ones do not fit me anymore.

* Sometimes i scraped my forehead one too many times while walking around or at home casually i need more time to get used to my new height.

* i feel  really more powerful
* i am more confident and my success  rate in football matches  have increased 40%
I have 3 months supply left  , and hopefully  i can grow 2 cm more in this month and whatever left , i will give the remaining bottles to my friend.

I can honestly suggest Growth boom anyone who wants to grow taller ,  the life goes fast and this product is the only option  except surgery.  A Growth boom user contacted me  who visited the kissinger lab.  he said that the company may stop the production in 2020 or late  2019 because of high manufacturing costs and low profits. If anyone wants this product, you should not be late i think.  I would not risk of losing such a great product. 

Thank you for your all support and i will give you update sometimes soon....

Friday, May 24, 2019

Day 109. Quick update.

Hi Everyone,

I wanted to give a quick update. I am now 10cm taller.  2 cm more in 19days since i published my previous post.

I will write a detailed post soon....

Sunday, May 5, 2019

90 days with Growth Boom Pro

Hi everybody,

Thank you for your emails and i am sorry that i could not reply each of them because of my busy schedule with the  football season.   It has been 47 days since my last post published.
I have been using Growth Boom Pro Max Plus Kit for 90 days now.   I did not miss  a single day of taking the products.

This product is incredible. I still feel like i am in a dream. I am now 8cm taller from the day i have started taking Growth Boom Pro. Many things have changed.

The two most important things that Growth Boom Pro give :

* It has increased my height. It 100% works and this is more than money for me. It changes your life.
*  Happiness. Yes i am happier and i feel  more confidence.  if i'd known it really works like this , i would have sold my car and bought this product years before so that i could be more successful and happier.

Guys, first time a product really gives you results and you can trust on this.
I am now taller than most of my friends that i used to be shorter.  I get more respect and i am more successful in sports.  I will complete it to 8 months to see what is going to be my final height in 8 months and i may still go for another max-plus kit after the 8 months because i have never known that becoming tall was so important that even money is less important.

If you can afford this product, go for it . Don't hesitate . It truly gives results.  You don't need to try anything else. In my opinion there is no other product on the world works like this.

I will be busy for a month as i have an engagement.   You can ask me your questions , i will still reply you all as long as i have time.

Thank you and good luck !